Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathologist

Elsa Ann Abraham

MASLP (Masters in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology)

03 Years of Experience

Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathologist
Consultation Charge: Rs. 2900

All inclusive for upto 15 Minutes

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  • Diagnosis and intervention for various Speech, Language and communication disorders, especially with respect to children on the Autism spectrum and Specially abled children.

  • Trained in Oral Sensory Motor Intervention for Pediatric feeding difficulties (OSMI)


  • English
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil

REGISTRATION: RCI-2021-105932-X-2021-04-16 (provisional ID given by RCI)



Mrs. Elsa Ann Abraham is a professional with specialized experience working with children on the Autism Spectrum, Speech disorders and Multiple Disabilities, focusing on Early identification & intervention. She provide services in Speech, Language and auditory-verbal therapy (AVT). She has been trained for over 6 years and possess work experience of 3 years in Government, NGOs, clinical and hospital setups. She has a paper published on neural disorders particularly Parkinson’s disease and it’s speech correlation.

Awards and Recognitions (Optional)

• Certificate of course completion (“Oral Sensory Motor Intervention for Pediatric feeding difficulties”, OSMI)
• Certificate of attendance (“Expanding pediatric dysphagia practice in NICU and beyond”)

Research & Publication (Optional)

Paper published in Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (“Acoustical and Perceptual Analysis of Voice in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease”)