MBBS, DNB, DrNB, FVES Singapore

08 Years of Experience

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  • Peripheral Vascular Surgery
  • Endovascular Surgery


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REGISTRATION: MMC 2011 07 2298



Working as Vascular Consultant in Jupiter Hospital Thane, worked earlier as Clinical Fellow at N.U.H Singapore.

Experienced in emergency management, trauma care, surgeries, minor procedures and ward work. performed many basic and advanced surgeries which include – hernia, hydrocele, appendicectomy, exploratory laparotomies, primary closure of perforations, resection and anastomosis, hemicolectomy, thyroid and breast surgeries, laparoscopic appendicectomies, laparoscopic cholecystectomies and diagnostic laparoscopies.

I have assisted ample of thoracic surgeries, oncosurgeries, vascular surgeries, plastic surgeries, urosurgeries including Renal transplant surgery. Extensive hands on training and working experience in state of the art technologies in complex peripheral arterial disease management; both open and advanced endovascular procedures- open aortic aneurysm surgeries, aortic bypass, peripheral bypass, aortic stenting, aorto iliac angioplasty/stenting, visceral angioplasty/stenting, peripheral angioplasty/stenting ,advanced endovascular management of aortic aneurysm (EVAR, TEVAR, Fenestration EVAR, Fenestration TEVAR), Carotid surgeries/stenting dialysis access creation and maintenance (AVF/AVG creation, fistuloplasty, central venoplasty, salvage), complex diabetic foot surgeries, endovascular management of DVT, coiling/embolization of bleeder, endovascular management of AVM, venous malformation and all advanced treatment options for varicose veins (EVLT,RFA ablation, Glue, Vena seal, Sclerotherapy, open surgeries ).

  • Clinical Fellow Vascular and endovascular surgery, Singapore