MBBS, MD, DM ( Neurology) Fellow Interventional Neuroradiology

20 Years of Experience 

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  • Stroke Neurology¬†
  • Neurointerventionist


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Dr Sunanda Anand is an Interventional Neurologist works primarily in the field of Stroke and Interventional Neuroradiology.

Dr Sunanda has been into practice for more than 15 years and is a very experienced and renowned practitioner in the field of Stroke management and Neurointervention .

Dr Sunanda Anand is affiliated to Holyfamily Hospital Bandra West .Raheja Fortis Mahim and Nanavati Hospital

  • Merit scholarship in all 3 professionals in MBBS.
  • Gold medal in gynecology and pharmacology in MBBS.

1) Intravenous Thrombolysis in Acute paralytic strokes in which clot buster medicine dissolves the blood clot blocking the brain arteries up to 4.5 hrs from onset of symptoms.

2) Mechanical Thrombectomy in Acute strokes or Brain Attacks where the clot blocking the brain arteries is removed with the stroke devices and paralysis can be reversed. Endovascular thrombectomy is recommended usually up to 8 hours of window period and in select cases up to 24 hrs .
Stroke/ Brain attack or a Paralytic attack is a medical emergency and should be treated on priority.

3) Carotid and intracranial stenting are done to improve flow in the brain arteries by angioplasty and stenting in patients with narrowing in brain arteries to prevent recurrent paralytic attacks

4) Endovascular coiling/Flow divertors/ Stent assisted coiling for Aneurysm treatment . Aneurysms are weak bulbous areas in brain arteries which rupture and cause life threatening brain haemorrhage. Ruptured brain Aneurysms are a Medical emergency and should be treated on priority

5) Embolization of AVMS/ Dural fistulas/ Vascular spinal cord diseases . AVMS and Dural fistulas can cause brain haemorrhage and are treated by Endovascular procedures.

6) Cerebral Digital substractoon angiograms ( Brain angiograms) and Sclerotherapys.

7) Brain angiogram are commonly called DSA which is a routine Cath lab procedure for vascular diseases of Brain and spinal cord